Kubo…and familial abuse

Um, yeah, there are spoilers. (Photo here.) Oh, so much I wanna say about the Season 6 premiere of OUAT, however… Took the kids to see Kubo and the Two Strings today. It’s a pretty shocking movie in its frankness about abusive families. It begins with a woman fleeing her abusive father and sisters who have just killed her husband and his entire army and … Continue reading Kubo…and familial abuse

The Holy Spirit and Common Sense

“Let your conscience be your guide.” Jiminy Cricket As I’ve listened to sermons and read articles on the subject of the Holy Spirit I’ve been confused by the way the third person of the godhead is presented. Most of the time, the Holy Spirit sounds more like some type of magic elixir that will somehow change ingrained behavior. Or somehow lead us to be able … Continue reading The Holy Spirit and Common Sense