The most difficult thing to find when you have been a victim of anything, abuse, rape, etc, is a safe church. By safe church I mean a place where 1) You are wholeheartedly believed 2) You have 100% support against your aggressor 3) The emphasis of the church is your healing not the restoration of the person who destroyed you. It’s that last one that … Continue reading Safe?

What It Really Means to Stand with Someone

It’s been a long, terrible, stressful three months since I was promoted to the Service Deli. I’ve spent those three months trying to put my finger on it so I could change things. Until Saturday, I was really only grasping at straws. But Saturday, everything came into focus, and it wasn’t the way I expected. I’m not going to go into the exact situation, it’s … Continue reading What It Really Means to Stand with Someone