San Luis Obispo–Day 2 (Part 1 of 2, or 3)

(Still testing multiple things on the blog.)

Well, I cannot say enough good things about our second day in SLO. After driving around trying to find some place to eat on Monday night we saw a few good places to go on Tuesday. One of those was Black Horse Coffee. Quite honestly, the coffee alone is worth abandoning all other dreams and moving to SLO. OK, maybe non-coffee people totally won’t get that, but Mr. Great-heart and I are in love. 😀


Then we were off to the mission, which was the main purpose of our visit. Spock did his California Missions report on it when he was in 4th grade but we never got up here to visit.



They had the usual stuff. Actually, they had a lot of it. It’s a pretty nice museum.




Well, they have a little something extra at this museum. 😉

Then we checked out the church. It was much larger than San Diego (the mission MG did his report on and we visited a few months ago).




Obligatory pic with Junipero Serra.


Then it was off to the garden. A little too formal for my taste, and not really super Catholic either. I guess I liked the San Diego mission’s garden so much that I was kind of expecting the same thing: Informal, old, filled with saints and places to pray. Though, I suppose it’s because it is a more common use garden than San Diego.



(Had to laugh because this picture of Mary is the ONLY pic that uploaded on the first try. The rest have taken two to four attempts. Even the internet knows better than to mess with the Mother of God. ;))


Well, that took quite some time, including 30 minutes on the phone with the hotel tech support. So I’m gonna make this a multi-part entry coz I took a lot of pics on Tuesday coz we had a really long, fun-filled day. 🙂

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