San Luis Obispo–Day 2 (Part 2 of ?)

(Day 1 and Day 2, part 1.)

After we left the mission, we found a path along the creek that runs through the city. We followed it for quite some ways and played on the rocks and looked at birds and searched for fish.




We enjoyed some of the public art.




Then we rounded a corner and…


we ran into the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum. Hands down, this is the coolest children’s museum I’ve ever been to. In just a small amount of space they’ve crammed crafts and science and imagination and play. It was worth the $8/person I initially swallowed down only because we were on vacation.





Afterward we walked back to Woodstock’s Pizza for GFCF pizza (depending on the child) then wandered around town for a while looking for the soda pop store. Yes, it’s called soda pop. I felt at home. 🙂

Later, we did more things. Seriously, there was even more after this. I’ll post that in the next post.


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