San Luis Obispo–Part 3 of 3 (hopefully)

(Day 1, Day 2-1Day 2-2)

After we stopped by the motel to leave our left over pizza, we drove down to Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach.


They have an interesting definition of beach access in Pismo Beach. (Unless I missed the actual path.)


Getting there was easy. The climb back up nearly killed me and Louis, literally. :/ But it was obviously not our time. 🙂



As I pointed out on Facebook, this is what your children will look like when you try to cure them of their Nature Deficit Disorder. 🙂


A couple of my finds down at the beach. Definitely worth the effort, imo. 🙂


The kids played at the park for a while after we climbed back up. Mr. Great-heart had brought his soccer ball so we had fun playing against each other.


So, I’m going to tell a tale that will offend some of you, but when has that ever stopped me? 😀

Twice on Tuesday I nearly fell and seriously injured myself. In fact, I should have fallen. There was no way, considering my trajectory and speed, that I should not have done so. The first was in town, I mis-stepped and would have fallen and landed hard, all my 200 pounds, onto only my elbow. The second was at the cliff. I had just helped Louis up the most difficult spot after he had slid almost all the way back down, and suddenly I was falling backwards. And then, just as suddenly, I wasn’t. I believe that God definitely had His hand on me. It would have been difficult, especially that last situation, for my kids to deal with. But for whatever reason, maybe just so I would acknowledge Him and His help and thereby encourage others, nothing bad happened. The verse that came to mind as I was telling the kids what had happened was Ps 91:11-12a (NIV) For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands…

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