San Luis Obispo–Day 3

(Day 1, Day 2-1, Day 2-2, Day 2-3)

After I decided we’d take a trip up to SLO to see the mission, I looked for other things to do. The second thing I found that sounded interesting was the elephant seals. Everyone told me it was really cool.  So we drove up the coast to Morro Bay and beyond (Babycakes actually unstrapped himself from his carseat the instant he saw the ocean) to see the elephant seals. We all decided that other people have a different definition of the word “cool.”


I suppose by “cool” they mean staring at a bunch of smelly animals that occasionally toss dirt on themselves. And, while our definition of “cool” isn’t a theme park in Southern California (or anywhere else, for that matter) it’s usually a little more hands on, and a lot less stinky. 🙂


So we headed back down the coast in search of a beach, and a bathroom. Decided to stop across from Hearst Castle at Hearst beach.


One side of the beach was flat, much like most of the typical (and boring) SoCal beaches. But it did have a ton of rocks and shells scattered all over, but it was still kinda boring.


The other side had lots of tide pools and rocks, including this formation that looked like a battleship. Let me know if you can make it out. I don’t think it’s as clear in the picture.


BC getting mostly naked was the theme for the week. He didn’t like running around in wet clothes.


Sea grass.


Still have to find out what this is.


Lots of living things all over the rocks.




Very cool patterns in the sand. Makes it look like water.


A sea snail.


Braniac by one of the many rocks.


This picture was an accident, just like all my most awesome pics. 😀 I was holding BC and trying to take a picture of Braniac who was running down the beach.

By the time we returned to the motel, it was nearly dinner. We decided to stay put and watch a movie and rest up for Thursday. I have to say, the longer we were there, the more I could see a nature school as do-able up in SLO County. It would be really, really great.

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