San Luis Obispo (and Beyond)–Day 5

(Day 1, Day 2-1, Day 2-2, Day 2-3, Day 3, Day 4)

Last day. We started out at Black Horse for coffee and some take home beans. 🙂

slo 5-1

After the always fun chore of re-packing the car, we went to fill up the car and get the necessary car wash. Trust me, it was necessary. Now all they will have to focus on at the car wash on Tuesday (yes, I use a car wash now) is the interior. 😀

slo 5-2

Then we were off to Santa Barbara to visit the mission there.

slo 5-3

It’s a nice, very, very, very big museum. I told Braniac that he is NOT to choose it in fourth grade. 😀

slo 5-4 slo 5-5 slo 5-6 slo 5-7 slo 5-8 slo 5-9 slo 5-10 slo 5-11 slo 5-12 slo 5-14 slo 5-15 slo 5-16

Then we were off to the beach.

slo 5-17

slo 5-18

BC didn’t want to play in the water. He had a fall on the path down so we dug in the sand using mussel shells as shovels and made roads with his truck.

slo 5-19

I think this picture best explains why I hate almost every beach in SoCal. They are so incredibly boring. Hardly ever anything to discover. This place, however, (Rincon Point) had tons of stuff to find and observe.

slo 5-20

After we finished here, we had to drive home. Even though we left late, and stopped to eat, we still hit tons of traffic. Although, I suppose by LA standards we hit nothing much. But now I judge it by SLO standards. I am definitely less of a city girl than I thought I was becoming.

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