San Luis Obispo–Day 4

(Day 1, Day 2-1, Day 2-2, Day 2-3, Day 3)

Just when you thought SLO couldn’t get more incredible, we found the best. park. ever. Well, according to Mr. Great-heart. And he’s usually right about these things.

slo 4-1


They had a nice playground, but we didn’t stay there long. The kids wanted to do the exercise trail.

slo 4-3

We did about half of it but it’s not really clearly marked. They’ve let this park go, in a manner of speaking, but not in a Pomona or Ontario way of letting it go. It’s more letting it go back to the wild. It looks like at one time it was one of those nauseatingly manicured parks, but now most of the trees and most of the grass are just growing on their own. But it’s clean, and graffiti free.

slo 4-9 slo 4-7 slo 4-6 slo 4-4

So we hiked around until we found a small swimming dock.

slo 4-10 slo 4-13

The kids had fun putting their feet into the cold water, then exploring the shoreline, both in and out of the water.

slo 4-19 slo 4-12 slo 4-11

You can tell which of my kids is still young, just by whether or not he’ll remove his shirt in public.

slo 4-16 slo 4-15

And then there’s BC. 😀

slo 4-14

Had lunch by the pool later with lots of yummy stuff from our new fave grocery store, New Frontiers. Like Black Horse, this place was a find right near our hotel, and, like Black Horse, it’s worth moving to SLO for. 🙂

slo 4-17

After that we went to Target and bought swim suits, since we haven’t purchased their summer suits yet. Then they went swimming for a while.

slo 4-18

We rested up and ate dinner, then we drove back into town and visited the Farmers Market. I don’t have any pics, unfortunately. It was a bit overwhelming. Spock didn’t like the smells of all the cooked food. MG wanted to know what they’d done to SLO. BC didn’t like that he had to hold my hand because there were so many people he could easily have been separated from us. I think Braniac was the only one who enjoyed himself.


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