Rennsday Randomness

Please, you couldn’t think I’d drop this, could you? 😀

Film Title: The Bourne Legacy

While I still prefer JLR’s dramatic work, I am glad to hear that Bourne 5 will be in theater’s next summer. It definitely gives him more to work with than Joss Whedon’s hack job of Hawkeye. (Yes, I just admitted in public that I can’t stand Whedon’s Avengers.)


Tomorrow is the 1st of May, which means the kids will begin their countdown to the SoCal Festival and Sale in Upland. Better get our penny’s together.

Not really liking my kids being on different schedules. Babycakes starts school a month before his brothers and their Easter vacations were 1.5 months apart this year. Next year their Easter breaks will be two weeks apart. Praying BC will improve enough this year that he can go to regular Kindy with his brothers in 2015.

People are too sensitive about the opinions of others. They get all worked up and defensive if they find out someone doesn’t have the same view, opinion, like. Shoot, some people can’t handle others dissing their fave TV show. I seriously don’t get it. Look, if you don’t like Jeremy Renner (as an actor, I have no opinion on his personal life, he could be right jerk for all I know) I really don’t care. I’m not gonna hate you or get all huffy about it. I might think you have bad taste, though. 😉

Got a call from BC’s school today to inform me that they are keeping all the kids inside today and allowing only minimal physical activity due to the smoke in the air from the fire. I’m really glad I’m not a teacher today. 😀 BC is actually home sick so I have BC planted in front of the TV watching Frozen on repeat. (See, I even let my kids have different opinions.)

I’m getting old. I can tell because the wind is killing me. I don’t think I usually react this badly to it. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the farm and worked in the wind so this whole “my head feels like it’s going to explode” thing is annoying.  Next thing you know I’ll have total hay fever and not even like Spring anymore.

Needless to say, the past few days have been entirely unproductive. That’s always so depressing. Today I just sat inside. I did finally get to Target and found a Lakers hat for Mr. Great-heart on clearance. Guess that makes it a productive day, after all. 😉

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. A reminder that I don’t pray nearly as much as I should, and on days like today, even less. I often wonder, considering how little I pray and what things have happened, what would happen if we all prayed more? Don’t ask me how it works though. That is far beyond me, and I’ve yet to hear a really good explanation of how prayer works, or even really why. Though I do like Lewis’ quote that prayer doesn’t change God it changes me, I have seen and heard of too many things that can directly be attributed to prayer. I mean, does God give the person the things to pray that He’s going to do? Or how does this all work? Don’t try to explain it to me, I won’t understand. There are things that are just to unearthly to comprehend. I’m beginning to think prayer is one of them. But we are commanded to do so, and, so far as I can see, God’s commands are better than man’s ideas. He’s pretty awesome that way. 🙂


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