Experimental Homesteading–Freezing Carrots

I like to use the term “experimental.” It makes it sound so, I don’t know, educational? What I really mean, though, is that I have no idea what I’m doing and probably fly by the seat of my pants more than I ought. 🙂

For this weeks experiment, I am freezing carrots. We don’t have a lot yet, but I wanted to try out the vacuum sealer. That was always my favorite part of summer at my grandparents’ farm. It’s just so cool the way the machine sucks all the air out. I know, I’m easily amused. 🙂

2014 May 03 phone 039 2014 May 03 phone 040 2014 May 03 phone 041

So, Farmer Boy harvested a bunch, literally, of carrots. Then he cleaned them in our awesome cleaning station (Yeah, that’s my mom-cave table…who know it would be so versatile.) and peeled them.

2014 May 03 phone 046

And this is what was left. Not a lot, but this is just an experiment so I’d rather fail at one than 20. 😀

I used the information here to figure out exactly what I was doing.

2014 May 03 phone 047 2014 May 03 phone 0482014 May 03 phone 049

And then we got blanching. 🙂

2014 May 03 phone 050 2014 May 03 phone 052 2014 May 03 phone 051 2014 May 03 phone 053

And bagging. Yeah, I know, it’s like the cheapest one at Wal-Mart but hopefully it works coz I’m trying not to over-spend now that we are unemployed.

2014 May 03 phone 054

Now the bag is keeping my sorbet company until we eat the carrots on Monday. Hopefully they’ll taste good. If not, it’s just going to be in a casserole so no biggie. 😉

Linking up with From the Farm Blog Hop at The Mind to Homestead this week.

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