A Day in the Life of This Homestead Experiment


2014 May 05 phone 013

(Testing the scheduled publishing feature. Wrote this on Monday but it should post in the am.)

Stop by the school garden. Change the water from “It’s hotter than blazes” setting to “It’s too cool for May but who’s complaining” setting. Need to get back to weed tomorrow morning. And need to replace that table cloth that some bird hopefully destroyed, not some human. That latter would be too much for me to deal with. 😥

2014 May 05 phone 015

Then off to the farm to say ‘hi’ to the milk cows.

2014 May 05 phone 016

Weed in the leeks.

2014 May 05 phone 020

Feed the weeds to the pigs.~~ As an aside, you know you’ve gone too far to turn back when you think, “Someday I’ll have my own pigs AND enough weeds to feed them.” 😀

2014 May 05 phone 021

Work hard, play hard, sleep hard. That is Farmer Boy’s motto.

Well, it’s getting late in the year and I really needed to get the tomatoes in. For those of you not on my Facebook (I might have posted on Twitter, can’t remember) I lost my tomatoes to a gust of wind while I was in San Diego at a teacher training. Well, long story short, I went to buy some at the nursery. (I shop at Mt. Fuji Garden Center on Foothill across from WalMart when I’m buying plants like this.) And I started cleaning a side bed in the front to begin planting this week. It’s pretty bad so I’ll be happy if I even  have half planted by tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I’ll be working on companion planting more this year. Last year I planted tomatoes with peppers, this year I’ll add nasturtiums and marigolds.

2014 May 05 phone 026

This little guy ran out of the weeds while I was cleaning the bed. (It’s a praying mantis, btw. This is the best my lame & cheap android could take.)

2014 May 05 phone 029

That’s a snail. I found LOTS of those. Usually do in beds that I’ve let go that are still getting watered. Fortunately, there are also a lot of earthworms.

Took a few more pics but I don’t feel like downloading them tonight. (It’s Monday) Maybe I’ll post them on Rennsday. 😉

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