The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

So this is what school looked like on Thursday. 🙂

2014 May 08 iPad 027

I dragged Spock outside to help me plant in one of the front beds. I’ve been trying to help him gain a bit more confidence in this area. He is still very unsure of himself. Hopefully, by the time I’m done with the front yard, he’ll feel more like he can handle things like this.

2014 May 08 iPad 029 2014 May 08 iPad 030

I rewarded him by letting him play with spray paint later. On the first trellis (here pictured second, just to confuse everything) he chose the colors and we took turns painting. I was pretty impressed because he wouldn’t have been able to chose something like that just a year ago. Decisions are very difficult for him but this one he even had a vision for.  The second (pictured first) he chose the colors and the design. 🙂 The only “freak out” was when he couldn’t get the paint off his fingers and he thought he’d get in trouble at ballet. But even that was mild. And I’ll take victory where I can get it.

2014 May 08 iPad 036 2014 May 08 iPad 031

2014 May 08 iPad 034

2014 May 08 iPad 038 2014 May 08 iPad 037

I think they turned out nicely.  I hope the tomatoes like them.:)

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