Rennsday Randomness


After quite some time, The Immigrant will be released on Friday. Considering how long it took for an American release I’m going to go with the following pre-review…the only thing good was Jeremy Renner. ;D And, I’m not sure I’ll be able to see it since I don’t usually go to movies before school gets out. Just don’t have time. Like American Hustle, it’s probably something I’ll watch on video at a later date.

My first Castle Summer hiatus has begun. I only found the show last Spring and spent several months catching up. So now I must learn what all other Castle fans already know: Summer is awful. 😀

Had to run out to Rancho to return a library book we forgot on Monday. Instead of drive-thru I stopped by the vegan store on the way home. I’m so healthy. Actually, it was much better than a burger. I don’t even feel sick after dinner. But I digress, again. They have gift cards now. I guess I’ll get Braniac one for the end of the school year. He’ll love that. 🙂

I have to admit that I have been having a hard time getting back into city living since returning from vacation. It’s just so depressing here. SLO reminded me of Kalispell, pre-California invasion days. Mid-sized town, lots and lots and lots of nature, interesting shops, friendly people. Yeah, I’ve been truly miserable since we got home.

This actually surprises me because I thought I had acclimated pretty well. Turns out I might have been fooling myself. Maybe I just kept telling myself I was happy long enough and I actually started believing it. The most difficult part for me is to not say anything in front of the kids. I try not to express these sorts of feelings to them because I know how susceptible they are to them.

I am trying to find a way to feel like I have a purpose here, that this is where God wants me, and a way to be content again, but it’s gone. All I see is the city now. I used to like at least the IE, I mean, LA, OC, yeah, they are horrid and I’d rather die than ever live there again, but the IE had certain things about it that were more small townish, like the fact that there are only about two degrees of separation between people here as opposed to the six of LA and the 20 of OC. There are the mountains. There are still farms, though that is a depressing thought knowing Ontario and Chino already have the new housing projects mapped out and are sitting in their respective city halls salivating over the rest of the farm land, thinking joyous and rapturous thoughts about the tax income to line their coffers.

I’m here for a reason, I just have to find it. I’m sure at some point God will show me. He’s pretty awesome.

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