Happy Homemaker Monday

There’s no link-up this week but since I’m trying to get back into the habit, I am posting this anyway. 🙂


As I look outside my window:::

Looks like a great day to re-start the C25K. Worked on it last year but the medication they put me on for my tooth really took away the entire summer. Hopefully I’ll get it done. 🙂

Right now I am::: 

Drinking my coffee and contemplating eating breakfast before I go for my run.

Thinking and pondering:::

How I am going to make a trip to this happen. So many variables at this point. I suppose, at the very least, I will get Farmer Boy there. I’d like him to see how the competitions are run before he ever actually has to be in one.

On my bedside table:::

The Classical Teacher, Living Without’s Gluten Free Baking, The Trojan War (yah, I got next year’s currirulum), my new mermaid calendar, my new cross pen with stylus and my new mechanical pencil. 🙂

On my TV this week:::

Castle’s on hiatus so I really have nothing to watch. I’m considering checking out Agents of SHIELD to see if the kids can watch it but I’d have to buy it so I’m still on the fence.

Listening to:::

My 12yo’s running commentary on my answers to these questions. 😀

On the menu for this week:::

  • Monday–Roast Chicken, Corn, Salad, Pear Spice Bread
  • Tuesday– Pizza (various toppings), Salad, Sun Butter Cookies (hold the sunflower seeds)
  • Wednesday–Field trip day (LA Arboretum)
  • Thursday–Summer Squash Lasagna, Salad, Lemon Angel Food Cake
  • Friday–Spaghetti, Salad, Banana Split Brownies
  • Saturday–Sandwiches, Veggies, Ice Cream
  • Sunday–BBQ?, Squash, Popscicles


On my to do list:::

Run, Library, Vegan Store (I know, I’m not a vegan, but my 7yo is a vegetarian and they have some really yummy stuff needed for GF baking.), Bake bread, Scrub bath & kitchen, DS2 to Boy Scouts, Weed in front yard.

Happening this week:::

Start C25K, Library day, DS3 Eye doctor for glasses, LA Arboretum, Grand Hope Park, The Last Bookstore 

What I am creating:::

Bread, cookies, cake, brownies

My simple pleasure:::

Writing, it seriously helps me through.

Homemaking tips::: 

Focus on what you can get done, not what you can’t. 

Looking around the house:::

Things are looking nice, for now. Well, except in the rooms with doors. I’ll get to them eventually. 😉

From the camera:::

2014 June 16 009

I don’t decorate cakes once it’s warm. We have no a/c so it never turns out nice. But I did put on my own toys. 🙂

Singing to BC.

2014 June 16 007


Prayer List:::

Summer is here. Lots of stuff I want to do with the kids. So, time management, and that I don’t get sick again this summer.

Bible verse, Devotional:::


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