Summer Field Trip 1: LA Arboretum

So, I had a post written for Tuesday, Trivium Tuesday to be exact, but I got busy and forgot to edit it and post. Then I spent so much time yesterday debating whether I was going to put Rennsday Randomness on hiatus for the summer in favor of reports on our Wednesday field trips that I forgot to write altogether. Though that might have been OK, who knows what would have happened. As it was, I was writing something else and I burnt my dinner (coz I turned the timer off and said, “Oh, I’ll come right back after I write this one thing.”) Good thing burnt food has such an “interesting” odor. 😀

Anyway, by default, here is our outing from yesterday:

We went to the LA Arboretum. It’s been over 30 years since I’ve been there, even though it’s not that far away. It is however, west of Claremont on the 210, so that means it may as well be on the other side of the universe to me. I’ve slowly been making my way further west. first La Verne, then San Dimas, then Glendora, and, a few weeks ago, I drove all the way to Monrovia (and didn’t require therapy) to get some ladybugs for school. Yeah, you should see the mental summersaults I have to perform to take the kids to Texas or the beach. 🙂

It was a fun day. We’ll put it on the rotation for next year. I say next year, because we only have one more Wednesday together before Summer Intensives starts, and Babycakes starts school on the heels of that. I didn’t think Spock would like being left out of it in July, and I have to be home before noon to get BC from the bus stop.


2014 June 19 iPad 017

If you’ve never been there, this is a common sight.

2014 June 19 iPad 018

This is an old display that is obviously not maintained, this was the best looking part of it. I like that it’s noticeable that a lot of the work is done by volunteers. There are mostly areas of perfection, but the imperfect makes that more bearable.

2014 June 19 iPad 019

2014 June 19 iPad 024

2014 June 19 iPad 033

2014 June 19 iPad 040

2014 June 19 iPad 044

Going on a dinosaur hunt. Unfortunately, someone apparently got there before us and killed all the dinosaurs and ate them. Hey, I don’t make the stories up, I just convey them.

2014 June 19 iPad 052

So the creatures in Baldwin Lake are used to getting fed by people walking by. Those little ripples in the water are fish who came up as soon as we approached, like a bunch of piranhas. Even the turtles thought we were going to feed them and came swimming over. I guess we can be glad that the giant leeches were just cinematic fiction. (See the LA Arboretum’s film history for an explanation.)

2014 June 19 iPad 057

That is a peacock feather Braniac is holding. He found it early in our trek. We do find the most wonderful things on our trips.

2014 June 19 iPad 059

My view, most of the day.

2014 June 19 iPad 062

Glad to have caught this momentary interaction with the camera. BC doesn’t always like to pose if he can’t see himself on the screen.

2014 June 19 iPad 064

Glad to see they have ripped out some of the grass in favor of wildflowers. They could stand to do more, maybe up on the knoll? Grass (lawn) is really bad for the environment and I always get a kick out of the government taxing us on cans and bottles while maintaining grass on their various properties. Yeah, I do have an odd sense of humor, why do you ask?

2014 June 19 iPad 067

Braniac acting like a dog next to the dog house.

2014 June 19 iPad 078

2014 June 19 iPad 081

2014 June 19 iPad 086

2014 June 19 iPad 087

2014 June 19 iPad 090

BC spent a lot of time “fishing.”

2014 June 19 iPad 095

The kids were glad to find a creek we could cross on the rocks.

2014 June 19 iPad 098

Spock, “tadpoling.”

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