Summer Field Trip 2: Downtown Los Angeles

On Saturday we went off in quest of Castle filming locations. My kids are allowed to watch an edited version of the show. It’s the only show we watch so they think it’s pretty keen. 🙂


2014 June 21 iPad 009 2014 June 21 iPad 010 2014 June 21 iPad 011 2014 June 21 iPad 012 2014 June 21 iPad 013 2014 June 21 iPad 018 2014 June 21 iPad 016

Our first stop was Grand Hope Park where they film the swing scenes. They bring in their own swing set, however. Still fun, though.

2014 June 21 iPad 037 2014 June 21 iPad 043 2014 June 21 iPad 046

Other parts of the park.

2014 June 21 iPad 049

The all important trip to Coffee Bean. 🙂

2014 June 21 iPad 053 2014 June 21 iPad 061 2014 June 21 iPad 058 2014 June 21 iPad 056 2014 June 21 iPad 055

More play time at the park before leaving for the bookstore.

2014 June 21 iPad 068

We then made our way over to Skid Row to go to a bookstore (I had to throw that location in for my non-LA friends so they can be impressed at my bravery. ;))

2014 June 21 iPad 073 10418999_10204390460386388_3795714250243033574_n

The Last Bookstore is an incredible bookstore in LA. It’s worth the drive, but make it on a Saturday or Sunday. The traffic in the area is bad enough then, I can’t imagine what it would be like on a weekday. If I had known just how awesome it was I’d have taken a list with me. As it was I filled out my Temeraire series, a feat I cannot complete at B&N or the library, and found a SoCal garden book for $1.


As we got off the freeway when we arrived, Mr. Great-heart saw a sign for a Target, so, of course, we had to check it out. Pretty nice. It’s Target, what else is there to say, except that there is a parking structure which makes it cooler than ours. 😀

Our next trip will be back to LA, hopefully, to see the Pompeii exhibit at the California Science Center.


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