Rennsday, but Not So Random


Or is ‘so’ supposed to be lower case? I’m just too tired to remember or even bother to look it up. 🙂 But here is a pic from the set of Avengers 2. Still no word on whether or not Whedon will be offing Hawkeye. I say he will just because he wants me to like him less. 😉

OK, now for the actual post. It’s Wednesday and that means that, this week, we went on another fieldtrip. We’re two weeks behind because two weeks ago I was under the weather and one week ago Mr. Great-heart was at drama camp, for which he was very kindly given a scholarship by our church. 🙂

As an aside, (and you thought I was serious when I said this wouldn’t be so random) it’s VBS week at church. I had planned to have the kids go; however, on Saturday it dawned on me that Babycakes has only three weeks before school starts and I’d already been without MG for a week, and Spock for three weeks with two more to go (for Summer Intensives), so I decided that, as much as I love VBS, I want to spend as much time with my kids as I can before they go back to school. And, yes, that means they won’t be going to VBS at their school next week, either.

All that to say, we went on a fieldtrip today instead of to VBS.

Decided to keep it small and local and went to San Dimas Canyon Nature Center. It’s free, what more could you ask for? 😉

2014 July 16 iPad 005

We started up the hard way (apparently, you can park next to the center), but I needed the workout anyway. Had I known the workout I’d get later…but I digress.

2014 July 16 iPad 006

There’s a rabbit in here, somewhere.

2014 July 16 iPad 007 2014 July 16 iPad 008 2014 July 16 iPad 009 2014 July 16 iPad 010 2014 July 16 iPad 011 2014 July 16 iPad 012 2014 July 16 iPad 013

Inside the Nature Center there is a bit of educational stuff showing kids what lives in bark and under rocks, very cool stuff like that. The hidden panels really get the kids’ attention. BC would normally have just glanced at this sort of thing but because it was under a door he had to check it all out. There are also some skulls and snakes. It’s small, but it’s free, so I was impressed. I’ve paid to see less.

2014 July 16 iPad 014 2014 July 16 iPad 015 2014 July 16 iPad 016 2014 July 16 iPad 018 2014 July 16 iPad 019

Outside there is a little “zoo” with a couple mule deer, some birds, and a few tortoises. Pretty well done, again, for something that’s free. The kids loved the owls. Braniac wanted to know if the mule deer would ever turn into a reindeer. He’s a little obsessed with reindeer right now. I really hope this clears up by Christmas so I don’t walk out and catch him climbing onto the roof to mount a camera for Christmas Eve. 🙂

2014 July 16 iPad 020 2014 July 16 iPad 026 2014 July 16 iPad 028 2014 July 16 iPad 029 2014 July 16 iPad 030 2014 July 16 iPad 031 2014 July 16 iPad 033

There is a short hike above the center that gives you a nice (by SoCal standards) view at the top. (Oh, and note the heart-shape of the cactus above. Count on Braniac & MG to find that sort of thing.) This was where life got really interesting. Apparently, BC has been running around in shoes too small. A fact never really noticeable in summer. Sooooo, about 1/4 of the way through the hilly hike, he decided I ought to carry him. Yeah, that was fun. Fortunately, he’s only about 40-lbs. Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking on the weed-pulling so I’m not as strong as usual. He finally reminded me of how I carried him around San Luis Obispo (on my back) and that was slightly easier.

2014 July 16 iPad 034 2014 July 16 iPad 039

There’s an ordinary park down below so we had our picnic lunch there as a reward, either for them or me, I’m not sure. With the two older kids watching BC, I got to read half a chapter…in 45 minutes. That’s a new park record for me. 🙂

Anyway, I highly recommend the center. I might put it on the rotation for Christmas break.

2014 July 16 iPad 040

And, since Spock was at SI, I treated him to dinner at Wok this Way in Rancho. 🙂

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