Rennsday Randomness

(So this didn’t post last night. Guess I was in too much of a hurry to notice, my battery was dying. 🙂 Better late than never.)


Happy (late) Rennsday!

So, Joss Whedon (meh) announced that Avengers 2 AOU has wrapped up shooting. After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, preceded a few months earlier by Captain America 2, all I have to say is Whedon better start living up to his press because if he produces another lame one like the first Avengers, people might notice. Well, people who aren’t me, anyway…and finally.

But, JLR gets to speak in this one. That makes me happy. 🙂 So, if Whedon can avoid making Steve Rogers look like a complete jerk, I might actually like AOU. Not holding my breath, though.


Babycakes started Kindy today. It’s a 50/50 class, which means it’s got half special needs kids like BC, half boring, er, normal children. 😉 The last two weeks have been a reminder why I’ve never gone the public school route before. Wow, no private school could get students if it was like this school has been. It’s disappointing since last year was such a great year and we loved our school, even everyone on the staff. This school is a cranky school, though the teachers seem good. We’ll see. Of course, next year he’ll have to be at a different school so I just hope we don’t get put through the ringer again like this year. :/

 2014 Aug 06 phone 036  2014 Aug 06 phone 043

Went to the farm today since we haven’t been for a while except to drop off Farmer Boy. Something about having to be in Montclair at 10 am each day for the past five weeks kept us away.:)

We saw what we think was a wooly aphid.

Mr. Great-heart finally watched Ironman 3 today. Spoiler alert, just in case he’s not the only person who hasn’t seen it yet…

When Pepper “died” he wanted to know if she was really dead. I told him “yes.” He didn’t have quite the same reaction as I did, however. He said it didn’t make any sense to kill her off. Maybe he knows how many movie’s she’s signed a contract for, or something. Kinda ruined it for me. I didn’t want to be the only person who cried at that part.

Well, that’s as much as my battery can take today. Have a great rest of your Rennsday, unless you’re in most of the world where it’s already over. 🙂

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