Meet the Student, and Our Curriculum and Stuff for the New Year

2014 August 19 iPad 081

So, it’s back to (home)school time and I decided to do a “meet the student” entry coz, well, Spock is awesome. 😀

(The following is random is not edited for grammar, etc.; it’s a blog, I’m not getting paid to be grammatically correct. ;D)

This year Spock is in sixth grade, so it’s middle school round two for me. And in January he’ll be thirteen, so that will be the second teenager. And I have the grey to prove it. ;D

Spock is an extreme introvert, which is the main reason he’s home for school while my others go to school. He learns better in a quiet, less-chaotic environment. He’s also a perfectionist, which makes it difficult to complete classroom tasks in a “timely manner,” which causes him no end of stress.

He’s probably my funniest child. He has a literal sense of humor and is extremely goofy.

He loves the arts, ballet is his favorite and he will probably quit dancing when you pry his cold, dead hands from the barre. ;D Seriously, he has tried sports and other things, but he just loves ballet. 🙂 He prefers classical music, but will tolerate rock for his brothers’ sake, and swing, and other oddities, for mine. 🙂

He also loves being a Boy Scout (just promoted up, or whatever you call it in Scouts, from Cub Scouts this year). He enjoys nature, hiking, bike riding swimming. He’s a fast runner, and can balance on one foot for over 15 minutes.

Other important things: he has a near-photographic memory; his favorite color is orange; he’s frugal as all get out–hates spending even other people’s money;  his best friend is his brother, Mr. Great-heart; loves AWANA; enjoys children’s choir and FSM (Sunday school) at church.

His favorite subject is now math, changed from Latin. If I’d let him, he’d rather be playing video games, though.

This year I’ve switched to a complete curriculum from Memoria Press. It’s going to be so much easier. I just don’t have time to put together a lesson plan every week. I could “personalize” most of it, meaning I could start Spock at Math 6 instead of 7 as would usually come with the sixth grade curriculum kit. The lesson plans are straightforward and Spock can follow them himself. Hopefully by the end of the first quarter, he will be able to work mostly independently.

Aside from getting him to work independently, I’m hoping to help him get a handle on his extreme perfectionism. It makes it easy to read and grade his papers, but it stresses him out too much. I would like him to be able to deal with getting less than an A on something. 🙂

We’ll try to get a few field trips in this year but it won’t be like last year. I have to be at the bus stop to pick up Babycakes at Noon, so probably no trips to San Diego to read every sign in the museums. We might try to do a bit of “visiting” online. He does have one trip to Santa Rosa in a few weeks, but it’s not exactly for his education, more for Farmer Boy’s.


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