Rennsday Randomness


*sigh* Even Jem looks upset at how disorganized I am at the beginning of this school year. (hehe)

Seriously, though, I am ridiculously unprepared. Spent the first two mornings of Spock’s school this week at Target coz I’d bought his brothers’ school supplies, but not his. And that’s only the beginning.

 I did find out that one thing I forgot to get I actually couldn’t have done yet so that’s a relief. But I have a feeling there is still too much to be done before Monday.

At least I didn’t have to go to Target for school supplies today.

We are out of milk.

Found this on Pinterest today. Good news, when you’re a screw up like me. 🙂


Have I mentioned I’m behind? Oh, yeah. I think so.

Tried to get the kids to read The Giver with me so we could go see the movie. But MG is totally into The Hobbit right now so that won’t be happening.

I bought the first Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug for when they are finished. It was cheap at Target. From what I remember of the first movies, I probably will think I paid too much for it. (Not a fan of the movies, at all.)

When I took them all to see Cap2 in the theater last weekend, (yeah, it’s still playing out there, somewhere) there was a trailer for the next Hobbit movie. They want to see it. I’m not sure which I will like less, sitting through a movie that mostly disregards the book (I’m basing my opinion on The Two Towers) or sitting through NatM and crying every time I see Robin Williams. :/ Mabye I’ll just stay home and read. 🙂

I have to honestly say that of all the things I’ve lost in life I miss “whimsy” the most. I just don’t have any interest in much interesting anymore. I used to like odd things, obscure things. I suppose in a sense I still do, but it no longer holds my interest.

So, tomorrow is Thursday. That’s interesting to me because, even though I must obviously know that today is Rennsday, I still thought tomorrow was Friday.

And, in closing, here is some more Happy Rennsday-ness. 🙂


Wow, I really do feel better now. I think I’ll go watch The Town. No, wait, um… 😉 (Only a good joke if you’ve watched The Town.)

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