Good #hellomornings


Several years ago, and I can’t remember how, I found the Hello Mornings Challenge. It is an online group for Christian women who desire to develop the discipline of rising early in order to meet with the Lord and to get a good start on their day with exercise and organization. How I became the leader of a group is an odd story that has to do with the original leader “disappearing” (online at any rate) and the rest of us sort of self-managing, then me being the first to respond to a post from someone in the leadership.

I’m not sure if the leadership would look back and say it was such a great thing, but I know I can. 🙂 There have been so many times I’ve wanted to quit, but, if it’s “my baby” I just can’t. It’s hard for me to quit anything. (But I think we established that Friday.) In the early days, I think I spent a lot of time “checking in” then falling right back to sleep. I have always failed at the exercise portion, and over the past two terms, my organization skills have all but vanished in the face of mounting personal stress. The getting up and the bible reading are the two that I’ve become better at over the years.  The former so much so that I am usually up before my alarm nowadays, even though my alarm is set for 5am. For these last two alone, it has been worth sticking with it, and I never would have if I wasn’t the group leader.

This term, things will be changing for me, personally, though I’m not entirely sure of the exact nature of the changes. Suffice to say, either way it goes it will be extreme. And whichever way the change occurs, the fact that I’ve been able to develop the self-discipline to get to bed on time and get up early, will be an extreme help.

At times, the group seems like a revolving door, and for many years I was discouraged by that, but I’ve come to see that those who have stayed in the group have, over time, become good and faithful friends. These are women I know I can go to with any prayer request and they will not pass judgement or preach, but simply pray and have compassion. That has been extremely helpful over the last several months. And now, I think we have a very good, and large, core group. (By core, I mean people who keep coming back. :)) Not everyone can always participate, life happens and it’s not legalism here, just encouragement. And if that’s the only take-away, then I hope they find it worth their time, and my tweets clogging up their feed. 😉

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