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It’s hard to believe we are nearly two months into this school year. I’d say, “I miss summer, except for the heat,” only the heat has yet to let up. Spock, Farmer Boy, Babycakes, and I took a trip up to Santa Rosa the second week of September and when we returned it was hotter here than it had been all summer. It is currently 90F at 2 in the afternoon. The heat is what lead me to an interesting discovery, however, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain (but it *is* fashionable so I probably will).

It was over 105F each day the first week we returned home from the pleasant temps of Northern California. I knew we needed to find somewhere to do our school work since skipping a week was out of the question; we had just skipped one. So I took Spock with me when I dropped Mr. Great-heart and Braniac off at their school and we headed to Starbucks. Unfortunately, so had at least 50 other people. It was an unusually large crowd for even a Monday, which it proved to be the rest of the week, as well. I guess people need more coffee when it’s that hot? I’m not sure. Instead we decided to venture to Chick-fil-A on the other side of the city. There, I learned, that their normally delicious coffee tastes even better “iced.” 🙂

When Barnes & Noble opened at 9, we drove back and studied there for a while. After we “wore our our welcome” there (I can only stay so long before I feel compelled to buy another coffee) we sat in the chairs just outside the store, still inside the mall. Then we went to pick up the brothers from school and continued with our usual afternoon extra-curricular activities.

I learned a lot that week. The first thing I learned was the location of free air conditioned places where we could study. Mainly those are the mall food court, which opens before 9am for the “mall walkers,” and the Montclair Library, which is a few blocks away. The second thing I learned is that Spock actually studies better away from home.

I’ll be honest, the last lesson was very surprising. Spock is a homebody. When he gets done with three hours of ballet, he does not, as his brother does, ask to be taken somewhere to eat;, he is content to make the drive home and eat there. But, for whatever reason, he showed that he could concentrate better in these locations, and who am I to argue? Well, I suppose I’m the mom, but it would be foolishness on my part.

It’s not the ideal situation. I need to get more organized and bring us a lunch and snacks, not to mention my teacher books so I can grade his work. But I think this situation is tenable, and since it’s helping him so much, it’s a compromise I should make.

20140916_102848 20140917_083755

Subject updates:

Latin: In umbra, igitur, pugnabimus. You know, in case you need to inspire someone to fight against all odds. 🙂

Math: Still his fave.

Literature: Studying The Trojan War. Learning how to study for a literature test.”I don’t like to re-read a story because I already know what’s going to happen.” 😀

Science: The Book of Trees. We both know a lot more about trees than we did. 🙂

Christian Studies: Um, we’re sort of in limbo because the student book has disappeared for the time being. It will be fascinating to find out where it’s hiding.

Classical Composition: By far the most difficult subject for Spock. He just cannot wrap his mind around the concept of writing at any level. His mind simply doesn’t work that way. :/

Greek Alphabet: If you ever need someone to transcribe a Greek document, give Spock a call. It will certainly be legible. 🙂

English Grammar: Memoria Press uses Rod & Staff and I like the layout. Grammar makes far more sense to Spock than writing. And he learned that “brother” in Brother Jones is capitalized…that was an interesting, um, conversation. (read: argument.) lol

Spelling: Easy-peasy.

Greek Studies: Doing well. We’re a little behind on this subject. It gets set aside for the core subjects some days.

History: Working slowly through. Definitely not his favorite thing.

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  1. Amy Maze says:

    It’s great that you found something that works well for your child! Thanks for sharing!

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