Rennsday Randomness


Happy Rennsday! I was informed that Jeremy Renner finally got married. About time. I wish them lots of luck. 🙂

Thanks to Mr. Great-heart for helping pick out the perfect Renner pic.

Stop me if I’ve shared this one before: (Just kidding, it’s not like you can stop it now.) Whenever I forget to comb my hair after I get out of the shower my mind plays a scene from the first season of Scarecrow & Mrs. King where Amanda is building theory about the murder victim (yah, there is a reason I like Castle) and she says, “She’s standing there and her hair is wet and if she doesn’t do something with it right now, it’s gonna frizz all out.” Because that’s exactly what happens.

I recently shared a two decade-long struggle I’ve had with several people and was surprised at one, no one judged me to my face or told me to just put up with it, two, the number of people who had the same thing going on in their lives. Considering what this struggle is, that’s really discouraging. :/

I walk at the mall now. We found it (as I said yesterday) during the heatwave. I decided I’d make use of my time while Spock does his homework. He walks the final lap with me before we leave for lunch. His idea. J

Met one of the new leaders of Spock’s Sunday School program, FSM, at the mall this morning. His wife walks.

Watched the series premier of Flash last night. The worst thing about it? The commercials. Had to have the kids cover their eyes a few times. :/ Seriously. I haven’t missed commercial TV at all. considering buying the season on iTunes then avoiding tumblr all week until I watch it.

That’s all the musings my tired mind can come up with at the moment. 🙂 Hope your Rennsday was great.


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