Thankful Thursday


Thankful for a few things today.

2014 September 13 iPad 100

I’m thankful for my kids.


I’m thankful that God is God.


I’m thankful for obscure passages of Scripture which don’t really hit you until you really, really need them then it’s like this huge moment and you realize that God really does care for each of us more than just in a passing way or to further an agenda. He cares about the smallest parts of our lives, even the parts no one else sees or knows.


There really doesn’t seem to be a link-up to direct you to anymore but if you have something you are thankful for, please share it in the comments or if you have a link to a thankful blog entry you can leave that as well.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful that the good lord never ever gives up me despite how often I repeat stupid things. I’m thankful for the baby’s golden smile that melts my heart, the girl’s hidden personality that is blooming day by day, the boy’s incredible sweetness that brings me breakfast in bed for no reason 🙂

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