Five Minute Friday: Care


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Scripture is replete with evidence that God cares for us. Even when we sin God still cares for us. Sometimes it’s difficult to see God caring for us. We can feel like Joseph, cast off into a foreign land where we experience extreme successes and seeming failures. We can feel like David, given a promise, then hiding in caves from those who hate us. Or we can feel utterly alone, like Elijah as he fled Jezebel.

There have been days during my latest, and, quite honestly, most painful trial, when I don’t just not see the light at the end of the tunnel, it seems as if there never was any light at all. I do not understand why this terrible thing has happened, or why it has continued all these years. As Job, I do not expect an answer. I rarely ask God the question anymore, except in fits of pain.

But I have, of late, felt His care through the prayers of friends. It reminds me that the work of the Body is to show God to those around us. But, it also reminds me, that if we do not ask, they cannot have the opportunity to be God’s hands and feet for others. When we do not ask, we deny the Body of it’s desire to serve.

I know it can be difficult. Not all who say they are of God are able to help. Most, in my experience, cannot handle the difficult things of life, the painful, gut-wrenching things. But there are enough out there who can to make it worth reaching out one more time. There are people who are truly part of the Body who desire the opportunity to show others how God cares for them.



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