Santa Rosa 2014–Part 1

Pictures (and a few comments) from my trip to Santa Rosa back at the beginning of September.


My fellow travelers this time around were Farmer Boy, Spock, and Babycakes.


This is the only picture from the drive. We went up through the Central Valley. There is absolutely nothing worth taking a picture of there. This was at a park where we met my friend Amy up in Castro Valley toward the end of our drive. It was nice to finally meet her in person after all these years, but I apparently forgot to take a picture. 😦


We arrived at the motel late, but as soon as Babycakes saw the Motel 6 sign he said, “Beach.” πŸ™‚ Fortunately that was the plan for the next day. We drove up to Bodega Bay. It was cold and overcast but BC didn’t seem to mind at all.

IMG_3854Β  IMG_3858

Didn’t get a picture of it, but someone had started a fire in one of the pits much earlier and it was still burning when we arrived. We warmed up next to it before we left.

IMG_3859 IMG_3862

We did a little sight seeing before we went back.

That night, Farmer Boy suggested we find a place to play Goofy Golf (shameless S&MK reference to see if anyone gets it).

IMG_3874 IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3889

It was a lot of fun. The most fun was watching Babycakes who figured out that after you hit the ball the first time you should just put it right next to the hole and hit it in. His way of playing is by far the fastest. πŸ™‚

Tuesday was the first day of The Heirloom Expo, which was the main purpose of our trip. We were disappointed to discover there would be no pigs this year (some sort of virus going around so they couldn’t attend fairs) but it was still a good trip.

Here are just a few pictures from Tuesday. There were quite a few from the week so I’ll post Wednesday through Friday tomorrow.


A differently colored peacock that I usually see.



A little education (actually, there was a lot of education going on). πŸ™‚


There was a nice hay bale maze that Spock and Babycakes really enjoyed all week.


And a rooster crowing contest.

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