Santa Rosa 2014–Part 2

Days 3 through 6.

On Wednesday there was school program in the morning.

. IMG_3904 IMG_3905

Babycakes enjoyed the music.

IMG_3908 IMG_3911 IMG_3913

There were a few other fun things, like photo booths, and a scavenger hunt, and, at one point, free ice cream. (I’m now addicted to everything Strauss.)

IMG_3917 IMG_3919

My cousin and her family came out to the fair. Again, it was a bummer we couldn’t show them the pigs. I think it would have been more fun.

IMG_3921 IMG_3923


That night was very important. We watched Cap 2: TWS which was released that day. 🙂


On Thursday we finally made it into the last exhibit hall. Glad we did because it had many displays from the local school gardens.

IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3956

That last idea uses “Starbucks” cups and I decided to try that with the kids this year. They planted in the ground and in the cup to see which grows best, which wastes less seeds, etc. If the school had money I’d make an indoor light rack to grow them in but, well, that’s something I will blog about tomorrow.


On Friday we drove home. I was not as sad to leave as I am when I leave the central coast, but Sonoma County is a very nice place and, Lord willing, we will return, with pigs, next year.

I decided we should go home via San Francisco. Wow, that takes a long time, and I’m just talking about getting through the city. 😀 But it was worth it. Basically, we ended up driving on every bridge at some point either going or coming. 🙂


I had Spock take pictures but it was difficult since we were in the car and the railing is pretty much at eye level at that point.


He took some pictures of the city. This one reminds me how claustrophobic I’d get if I lived there.

And then we drove out to the central valley and there’s nobody wants to see a picture of that place. 😉

I had planned to discuss some of the speakers today, but there are enough pictures to make this a long post, so I will tack that onto my Rennsday post tomorrow. 🙂

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