Rennsday Randomness


Happy Rennsday everyone.

The following public service announcement has nothing to do with you if you are outside the MCU fandom universe (ie if you live anywhere in the real world, not that of superhero movies and comic books).

So, for about a 24 hour period, the MCU fandom completely flipped out. This was all based on a rumor someone started about Cap 3 being based on Civil War. This will mean nothing to you if you don’t know the comics. If you do know the comics, it will cause you to flip out for about 24 hours until reason has its way and you realize that, oh, there were no sources quoted and the most awesome writing team in all of the MCU (namely the Russo brothers, and if you don’t know who they are I’m not sure how you and I know each other. ;)) has already gone on record as saying Civil War is absolutely impossible (duh, Cap 2 made it so). An important lesson learned here being, people in the MCU need a life outside the MCU. Just kidding, the real lesson is check your sources before clicking “reblog” and lighting the entire tumblr community on fire. 😀

I was sick on Tuesday. That means I rested all of Tuesday. That means I did not sleep on Tuesday night. :/


My cousin posted this on FB yesterday. Pretty much sums it up, eh?

 Well, I was going to write about the speakers we heard at The Heirloom Expo but the day got away from me and I’ll have to save that for another time.

Hope you had a great Rennsday. 🙂

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