Rennsday Randomness


Happy Rennsday all. Not gonna even discuss Marvel news. Except that one of my ships might win and another definitely won’t. Oh, well, as long as everyone is still alive at the end of the movie. 😀 Actually, the more I watch this scene, the more I just wish it was May.

So, last week I had these great ideas for posts. My writing group had a prep for NaNo, however, and, well, all I have to say is I will not be online much. I will probably just do HelloMornings stuff and that’s it. Might try for Thankful Thursday.


Babycakes is testing me on “orange” words at the library.

My life is too busy. I don’t think Spock and Mr. Great-heart even have Halloween costumes yet. And Braniac needs a haircut before Friday so his wig will fit better. And we don’t have pumpkins yet, either.

I mentioned on Facebook, but not here yet, that Spock and MG will be in Nutcracker this year. They are both very happy. Performances are now from Thanksgiving weekend through the weekend after Christmas. I hate shopping so it makes no never-mind to me. 🙂


Well, this was certainly good news to me. 🙂

Not much else to say except I could use a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with soy and no whipped cream right about now. Zzzzzzz…..Oh, and I forgot that I didn’t have time to clean the bathroom tonight. I should have done it earlier instead of grading papers. 😀

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