From My Phone

Having major computer issues with my brand new laptop. So I’m going to try to post from my phone, which has its own issues. My mini has issued too, btw. I might get a little paranoid soon.

Just a few pictures from this week today.




Babycakes and his new backpack.


Gonna be honest, I dislike Southern California. Surprise. 😉 But there are a few pretty days here.20150115_191337

This is apparently the proper way for a second grader to eat pizza at Skate Express.


Best picture of the week.20150116_162340


A couple more of Braniac.20150117_151404


Currently reading. 🙂

Well, that was most of my week in pictures. I hope I get my computer fixed. I had to use both my phone and my mini to write this. :/ Hope the pictures work. They look a little wonky on the preview but there’s nothing I can do to fix them here.

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