Thankful Thursday

Well, I had something completely different planned for today’s post but, somewhere in the middle of planting 600 cabbage seeds, I realized something interesting. There have been several things that have concerned me leading up to the point where I could finally file for divorce. All three of them have been resolved with relatively no effort of my own. Two were a result of me mentioning a need to people, and one, the other person could not have known at all, but was actually asking me for help. I realized it was as if God threw open these doors in a huge way as to say that He really was going to take care of the kids and me and that as they always like to say, I simply had to walk through the doors. I wish I could be more specific than that here but there have been requests for anonymity in some cases so I’ve simply lumped them all together. Suffice to say that I definitely am thankful to all these people for their help, and for the assurance I now have that most things will be OK.

(PS I hope that made sense. I didn’t get a chance to write it out until now, at 11:30, and that’s hours past my bedtime. I’ll come back and edit it later if it starts to bug me. :D)

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