Scenes from the Farm and the School Garden–January 2015


Old peas. The farm has adopted no-till so we just cut them off and leave the roots now. Far better for everyone. If you’re not already practicing no-till, you should be. 🙂


Grasshopper. No, I don’t kill them. They make a gross, crunching sound when you do.


The pinkie pigs eating the peas.


A few various scenes from the farm.








These are the Kunekune pigs. The little red one was  suspected  to have escaped but perhaps reentered the pen while we were searching. We’ll never be sure. All I know is I reached my step goal before noon that day. 😀




Kale for transplanting.


Dirt from the farm for the school garden.


One of the school beds I fixed up for a lesson at the end of the month.


It was very clear this month. Some great views. I try to enjoy them while I can. I’m sure that this field will be about 500 houses soon if the city has anything to say about it.


I sneaked some pics of Farmer Boy while he was working.



A day off school means a morning working at the farm. They were very good helpers, though. 🙂




20150116_162331 20150116_162333 20150116_162339 20150116_162340

Braniac on the tire swing.


Some lettuces…and such.


 2015 January 30 Phone 008

Baby leeks to transplant.

2015 January 30 Phone 015

Bare root blackberries.

2015 January 30 Phone 019

Turkeys, waiting, um, anxiously for Thanksgiving. 😉

2015 January 30 Phone 021

Kunekunes in the morning.

2015 January 30 Phone 023

A few swiss chard for transplant. They didn’t get watered quite as good as they should but I think they are happy in the ground now.

2015 January 30 Phone 028

I spent a few days working to prep some beds for a lesson at the end of the month. Unfortunately, I got stung by something on my knee and couldn’t even bend my leg for several days. Still don’t know what it was except painful.

2015 January 30 Phone 024

A couple sky pics.

2015 January 30 Phone 072

2015 January 30 Phone 074

Creating cabbage seedlings.

2015 January 30 Phone 075

2015 January 30 Phone 077

2015 January 30 Phone 079

As I pointed out on Twitter…this smells wonderful. 😀

2015 January 30 Phone 086

Another sneaky mom photo.

 2015 January 30 Phone 115

Spock was bored one day while we waited for Farmer Boy so I sent him to take some pics around the place.

2015 January 30 Phone 116

2015 January 30 Phone 118

2015 January 30 Phone 120

 2015 January 30 Phone 124

2015 January 30 Phone 126

2015 January 30 Phone 127

2015 January 30 Phone 128

2015 January 30 Phone 129

In case you didn’t hear, or smell, there was a fire near the farm. Even after the rains it burned.

 2015 January 30 Phone 140

And these, I’m sorry to say, are all the pics I remembered to take during the lesson at school. My photographer was at home babysitting his little brother, and I tend to be, well, teaching. 🙂

2015 January 30 Phone 139

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