Give Thanks

A few weeks ago I started having the kids tell me each night some way they saw God work, or something God did they were thankful for, that day. It’s helpful to keep our minds off the waves, and I like to think it’s helping the kids settle into this a little better. When they see that God has provided every single thing we’ve needed since we left last month, they know He will continue.

On Saturday I took Braniac and Babycakes to a park to play while their brothers were in ballet. Now BC has been having a lot of trouble staying on his feet lately. He grew three inches in about two months and that always throws kids off their balance. He has quite a few scrapes on his knees and elbows, but Saturday he fell right into a concrete block wall, hitting it with the side of his head.

There were some people over at the basketball court and they’d seen what happened. They walked over as I sat down with BC and brought him an ice pack so he wouldn’t end up with any bruising or swelling.

As they went back to pack up their things, I was thinking how nice it’d been that they shared the ice, and how perfect it had been that they were there at all. I figured that’s what I’d share in the evening with the kids before bed. Braniac was climbing the tree next to our blanket and suddenly piped up that he knew what he was going to share that evening. It was another blessing of the day that it is already in B’s mind that he should be looking for things throughout the day, ways he is blessed or helped by others.

For a bonus, when the people left, they brought BC a new, colder ice pack and brought the boys some cold water to drink.

We have been blessed by various people who both know us and don’t know us, both Believers and non-Believers since we left. I keep reminding myself that every need we’ve had has been met, I shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about things like, well, how much the lawyer will cost after the retainer. People might think I’m a bit nuts to not be entirely freaked out not knowing if we’ll be able to keep the house, not knowing what the future truly holds. I don’t think everything will be perfect. The pastor preached a week or so ago about the “failures” of Paul before his successes. I’ve seen some failures. They’ve happened. I’ve learned a few things from them, the biggest being that when they happen it’s time to pray more.

It’s a weird state to be in, this trusting God implicitly. I’m sure I don’t do it perfectly, but I do it a million times more than I did before. He has been faithful in even the smallest things, I know I can trust Him with the big things as well.

I’m thankful to God for the gifts of each of my friends, and for perfect strangers, as well. You have all been an absolute blessing to me and my boys.

15 March 2015 phone 021

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