Thankful Thursday, April 9

On occasion, AWANA collects food for the church food bank. We take in cans or boxes of cereal. Sometimes there are other things to give for other organizations, things as simple as toothbrushes or shampoo. I don’t think a whole lot about it, I just figure it’s a nice and easy way to teach the kids to be generous. I don’t know how much they think about it.

2015 March 17 phone 090It’s a little different to be on the receiving end. Like getting new shoes, really nice new shoes.

2015 April 5 Easter 005Or Easter baskets when Mom told them not to expect much more than one piece of candy.

2015 April 5 Easter 007

2015 April 07 phone 041Or seeing what happens with things that are similar to what they’ve donated in the past.

It’s a humbling thing to be at the receiving end of generosity. I hope it helps us all learn to be a whole lot more thankful. 🙂

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