An Incomplete Thought: Shame

Framed-Shame_0My cousin left a link to a great blog post on my Facebook this morning. The author made some good points, points I’ve known a while, that not everyone on public assistance is “lazy” or “mooching off the taxpayer.” I pondered the article all morning, knowing that pretty soon, I’ll be one of those on public assistance and food stamps. Even if I get a job, it will be unlikely I can afford everything I need to pay for.

The thing that has really stuck with me about this article is the shame. The shame the author felt when she was on public assistance, and the shame people forced on her by their assumptions about the kind of person she must be because her family was using food stamps. I began to wonder about shame, mainly I began to wonder if it is ever helpful. And, more importantly, is it a Godly response to anything?

Does God shame His people? Does he call us, now under Christ, names in contempt? Does He call us lazy because He looks down on us? In short, does He shame the way we shame? Does He shame to get us to do what He wants us to do? Does He even really shame? I am asking about under Christ and His Work on the Cross, His Resurrection, does God shame us?

Respectful thoughts welcome.

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