Rennsday Randomness–4/22/15


Happy Rennsday. πŸ™‚

So, Age of Ultron is making it’s way around the world premier circuit. It is a movie I both look forward to and dread. I look forward to it because, well, I like action flicks and am currently pretty obsessed with Captain America. I dread it because I really couldn’t stand the first one. I did hear that Hawkeye speaks in this one. Otherwise, from what I’ve seen in the initial trailers (and they’ve tried to downplay those parts in subsequent trailers after the fans started complaining already) it looks like a rehash of the first.

And don’t get me started on Ironman 6, er, Ironman 4, no, I mean, Captain America 3, yeah, sure, that’s the name. It must be, right, even though Ironman has 40% of the movie.

OK, I’ll stop before my language goes south. *grrr*

I apparently like the morning DJs on KSGN a whole lot. The other day I didn’t realize I’d switched stations over to Air1 and the people were introducing the new morning DJs and I was pretty upset. I’m glad I realized I was on the wrong station before I called and complained. πŸ˜€


Love Steve’s face here. And Robin, er, Maria, doesn’t look very happy either. I’m not holding out hope that Steve and Maria will land on the same side in the actual movie, though. Just another reason to hate Ironman6 before it comes out. ;D

I’m tired. Just thought I’d mention that. I’ll write more though so I don’t end with that every week. πŸ˜€

The sun really needs to shine tomorrow morning. Two days of waking to overcast skies is depressing. Yes, we really are that spoiled here in SoCal.

I don’t like to know anything about famous people, especially famous people whose movies and TV shows I like. If I learn what jerks they are in real life, I’ll never like the show or movie again.

Been on a Crowder kick lately.

Guess that’s all for this Rennsday. Have a great rest of it.

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