Once Upon A Time and The Devil

This was the post originally intended for Monday, so when you read “last night” it refers to last Sunday night. 🙂

No, this is not a conservative diatribe on the evils of watching Once upon a Time. In fact, it’s the opposite.

On last night’s OUAT, I noticed that twice two of the “villains” got two of the characters (one hero, one other villian) to lose or threaten their “happy ending” simply by talking to them. Now, both knew they were listening to villains ahead of time, but they either thought they were smarter than them, or they chose to ignore the danger of listening to them.

I’ve noticed that in OUAT, the villains do a lot of talking. A lot of what they say sounds nice, some of it doesn’t, but it almost always gets them what they want. In fact, it’s the the point that when Rumpelstiltskin starts talking to one of the heroes I start yelling at the TV for the characters to stop listening to him. (I cannot be the only person who does this, right? 😀 )


Later, as I processed this episode (BTW, OUAT is the only show I usually need to process.) it dawned on me that I listen to Rumpelstiltskin all the time. OK, not the character on TV, but I sure spend too much time listening to the devil. At least, until I realize it’s him, but sometimes, just as in last night’s OUAT, even though I might come to my senses, the damage can already be done.

An example of what this looks like:

Right now, I need to rely on God for every last thing. Right now, things are pretty tough. Right now, I completely trust God. Right now, though I’m saved and completely trust God, I still sin.

Two nights in a row now, the devil has come and started talking to me about that sin, asking me what right I have to stand up against my ex-husband’s sin when I really am no better. And that’s pretty much his opening line every time.

I noticed last night that most people don’t walk away from Rumple when he’s talking. They very foolishly engage him in conversation. No one currently believes a word the man says, but, for some reason, they let him talk to them, sometimes long enough for a seed of doubt to be planted in their minds.

In Scripture, we see that the devil engaged Christ in conversation while Christ was in a “weakened” state. The Lord, however, shut him down with words from Scripture. I have Scripture in my head, I’ve been listening and memorizing since I was a kid. I need to make better use of them.

So, I’m curious, when the devil comes calling,which Scripture do you use to shut the door in his face?

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