Weird Problems


So, I’m having this weird problem and this may or may not end in a posted blog.

Anyway, in my new Sunday School class, Single and Parenting, (which, btw, I’m absolutely loving) we have been asked to write a devotional. It’s a great idea. There simply aren’t enough devotionals for single parents, I know, I’ve looked. Also, a devotional requires I write, not a problem. Or so I thought.

I am having the biggest problem with it. I’ve started two so far and can’t get past the half-way mark. It’s just frustrating. I keep trying to figure out my issue. It’s not the writing. I know I don’t really edit here on the blog but in real life I’m pretty nit-picky about that sort of thing, and there is going to be another person editing them all after we’re done. So that’s not the issue. I tried to figure out if it’s an inferiority complex. But the more I think about it, the less likely that’s the case…not that I think I’m great, it’s just that I don’t view that as a huge issue where this devotional is concerned.

The point of the devotional is to encourage other single parents in their walk with Christ. It’s an important thing to do. And, from this side of the parenting divide, I can assure you it’s not done enough by the church. Most single’s ministry seems to be designed for the never married…and with a focus to get them married. (I don’t say this in regards to my current church since I don’t have a lot of experience, but that was certainly the focus of all the churches I attended when I was single the first time around.)

So, I think I figured out my problem. I thought I might if I wrote this out. I’ll post this just so you know I don’t simply sit down and write this awesomely all the time. roflol. 🙂

(BTW, this post showing up on Facebook doesn’t violate my FB sabbath today. It’s an automation and I haven’t been on FB. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to watch the number in that little red dot go up and up and up and not click on it to clear it off? Ugh. I hate red dots on my phone.)

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