Five Minute Friday: Blue

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I live in a house of blue, or so I’ve been told. Five boys, two male dogs, and even a male turtle. I’ve learned a lot about the stereotype of blue since I had Farmer Boy 18 years ago. I learned that most boys don’t even like blue. That blue and pink were actually a marketing scheme to sell more baby clothes and items. That despite what I wanted (namely a houseful of sports players) boys don’t necessarily like sports. I’ve learned that boys can be as much drama queens as girls (so we need to change that name, huh?) and that they can be far more sensitive. I’ve learned that being an artist is not a pink thing, that boys don’t necessarily want to be physically active, that having a blue bassinet card in the hospital does not pre-dispose a person against seeing the beauty in dance. I think what I’ve learned the most is that God doesn’t see pink or blue when he looks at a person. He doesn’t see the supposed limitations or restrictions society puts on boys and girls. He sees His own children. I’ve learned that His plans for our children have little to do with societies demands and that if we adopt those same biases we hinder what our children will do through and for God.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Blue

  1. Great thoughts! We do such a big job of defining roles that we forget to leave room for God to with our children what He wants. Thanks for the reminder!

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