Time Well Spent

OK, so any time the beach is time well-spent. πŸ™‚

I had planned to take the boys to the beach on the Saturday before Mother’s Day but they were all getting over colds and it was downright chilly (I do still live in SoCal right?). Today’s forecast was for 91 so, being the fifth Saturday, and therefore my Saturday, we left this morning for our favorite beach.

Now, I’d spent the week following the news because of the oil spill above Santa Barbara. But it wasn’t supposed to effect our beach at all. Then, yesterday, they closed Manhattan Beach for oil globs. Again, nowhere near our beach, fortunately. It was apparently being checked out, however. The Coast Guard was there when we arrived around 10 this morning.

2015 May 30 phone 034

The thing I learned about our beach the first time we went was that high tide is really high. I had planned to leave earlier but high tide was at 9am and sitting on rocks for an hour before there was any beach didn’t sound very appealing. That turned out to be a good decision since I didn’t sleep but two hours last night. And I didn’t even have any caffeine yesterday.

Anyway, after the kids packed lunches (yes, I’m a slave driver) we took off, with a brief stop at Starbucks to keep me awake on the drive. πŸ™‚

2015 May 30 phone 025 2015 May 30 phone 026 2015 May 30 phone 029

This is how I measure my kids and see how they are growing. Unfortunately, I think all my old pictures are on my ex’s computer.

2015 May 30 phone 032 2015 May 30 phone 035 2015 May 30 phone 038 2015 May 30 phone 040 2015 May 30 phone 041

Please note the lack of people, hence why we like this beach so much. The parking lot is tiny and it’s kind of a pain to get down to the beach. Mostly just a smattering of surfers most days.

2015 May 30 phone 0432015 May 30 phone 050 2015 May 30 phone 055 2015 May 30 phone 063 2015 May 30 phone 067

Don’t know why, but I get more chapters read at the beach. This one’s nice because the water is so calm and shallow and there’s really no one else so I can actually focus on the book.2015 May 30 phone 068 2015 May 30 phone 075 2015 May 30 phone 076 2015 May 30 phone 079 2015 May 30 phone 084

2015 May 30 phone 074

Have I mentioned we usually have the beach pretty much to ourselves? πŸ™‚2015 May 30 phone 091 2015 May 30 phone 094 2015 May 30 phone 097 2015 May 30 phone 099 2015 May 30 phone 100

Today was a terrible traffic day on the way back so our map sent us around the 134 via the 23 and the 118. I had no idea there was still so much horse property so close. I might have to look into that some day, since Chino and Ontario seem hell-bent on ridding themselves of anything resembling a farm.

Anyway, we stopped by McDonald’s in Simi Valley for a potty break and an ice cream (except, BC who can’t have that and has fries instead). Unfortunately, the world’s best toys were in the Happy Meals so we ended up eating instead. πŸ™‚

2015 May 30 phone 105It was a long drive home with all the accidents ahead of us. This is what I wanted to do. hehe.

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