Rennsday Randomness 6/3/15


Happy Rennsday. I’ve had this photo from the set of Cap3 in my files for nearly a month now. So glad to see Hawkeye in this one. Not so glad that Tony Stark is taking up 40% of the movie, and that there is no Maria Hill when it was so obvious Whedon was shipping her with Cap in AOU. 😀

So, the kids and I finally finished the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Have I mentioned just how much I love that show? It’s great. Anyway, as soon as I saw this scene I thought in my head, Wow, Robin’s marriage went bad as quickly as mine. Please watch and enjoy.

Therefore, I will, in the future, be referring to my ex as Zelena. You think I’m joking. Well, unless you actually know me, then you know I’m totally serious. 🙂

Our church is considering a name change. Maybe I should consider using more space to discuss this but in short, as I’ve pondered it, the only people whom denominational names help these days are the saved. Most people from my generation on haven’t a clue what a Baptist or a Presbyterian is. If they are actually interested in going to a church, they look at the website to see what it says about the place. Denominations don’t mean much to them.

What Farmer Boy wants to know is why it’s so important to have the denominational name if they didn’t have them in the early church. You know Church of Paul, Church of Apollos…Yeah, that verse. Anyway, now that I’ve offended people with my opinion.. 😉

Been trying to get a job. Not going so great. But I have another place to call in the morning, or to fill out an online app for, I’m not sure, will have to look at the website. I decided to skip housekeeping jobs because there is little to no chance of advancement since I’m not bilingual and they keep your pay about the going rate for indentured servitude.

Anyway, I think more about it after I’ve had some sleep.

Babycakes is quite the limbo king, from what I heard at church tonight. Sounds about right. 🙂

I’ve been trying to come up with some words to explain my POV on bad things happening. I’ve started writing a few things down, but then a friend posted this today on Facebook. It pretty much covers what I wanted to say. Now I can move on to other things. Some day they’ll actually make their way into the light of day.

Well, there was more I wanted to say involving Ps. 129, but I’m so tired from being up all night last night with Farmer Boy and Mr. Great-heart in pleasant conversation that I can’t put together the sentences I wanted to write. Maybe later. 🙂 Goodnight.


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