Thankful Thursday 6/4/15

The kids and I are reading the Psalms together…backwards…but you already know I’m odd. As we go along I’m trying to catch all the verses that I can use to remind myself that God is caring for us, even in the midst of this trial.

Yesterday was kind of a rough day which I won’t go into because this is Thankful Thursday. Maybe I’ll create a Morose Monday link up for that. ;D I opened my bible to the Psalms to see if I could find some encouragement and found a section that doesn’t seem to get a lot of use (at least I couldn’t find many cute graphics to post along with this entry).

Psalm 129:1-4 says:

“Many times they have persecuted me from my youth up,”
Let Israel now say,
“Many times they have persecuted me from my youth up;
Yet they have not prevailed against me.
“The plowers plowed upon my back;
They lengthened their furrows.”
The Lord is righteous;
He has cut in two the cords of the wicked.

I think this has been the best passage I have yet found to describe what it is like to spend a lifetime under abuse, but, more importantly, it gives a perfect visual of what happens when one is freed.

He has cut in two the cords of the wicked.

Those cords God has cut we have no reason to hold together. In fact, there is no way to hold them together. I suppose we could cobble something, tie them together and try to make them work. But, why? God has set us free from that suffering, Why tie ourselves back to it?

There are times when I am tempted. It would be so much easier, my mind tells me when I’ve had another door shut, just to go back and pretend again. But God has freed me. And when I look at it, I realize He has freed me to do His work. All the more reason to be strong in Him, and to be glad for His deliverance.

I am truly thankful that He speaks to us through His Word.

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