Rennsday Randomness-6/10/15


(Wrote this and forgot to post yesterday.)

Happy Rennsday everyone. πŸ™‚

Here’s a poster from the new M:I movie. Don’t know what country this is but I’m glad I don’t live there. They have to wait an extra week to see it.

Oh, and this has to be the most airbrushed photo I’ve seen of JLR in ages. He looks 34 not 44 here. I personally don’t like it. It looks weird.

In case you were curious what Marvel fans like to do in their spare time, we read stuff like this. πŸ™‚

Still looking for a job.

Was reading on emotional abuse yesterday, I was sorry to see that some Christians sites recommended joint counseling. This is not recommended by abuse centers. The abuser can usually manipulate the counselor, they are that good. I recently watched my ex manipulate two people in a two hour meeting so well that I would have missed it if I wasn’t used to it.

Babycakes is snuggling on my lap.


Still upset over the lack of Cobie Smulders in the new Captain America movie. Considering how long Maria wore Steve’s jacket in Age of Ultron, I was expecting something more, or at least something.

Robin-and-Barney-robin-scherbatsky-18769094-600-899Of course, I’m still upset over the end of How I Met Your Mother, so I don’t think that feeling’s going away any time soon.

Seriously, Robin and Ted? How boring. I bet Robin is bored to tears. I have an entire head-canon based on how incredibly bored Robin is now. πŸ˜€

Getting to be time to order curriculum for the three middles.

That’s about it, except to say, Braniac is snuggling on my lap now. πŸ™‚

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