Highlights 6/13/15

This would have been up sooner but WordPress deleted it. I assume because I was writing it on my phone? The photos are still in my photos on WordPress. Ugh, I don’t know. Anyway, this was our week.


Started the week with Sunday School promotions Spock moved up to Junior High from FSM, and Babycakes moved up to 1st grade from the preschool/Kindy side of things. He loves being with his brother so much that we now stay for all three services. Just kidding, we stay for all three services because Farmer Randy is teaching at 11:11 and Braniac had to take the class. 🙂


It was really hot last Sunday so I filled up the pool and Spock and I moved the slide over. (below) Braniac did some sidewalk art (above). This is sideways but after the nightmare I’ve had trying to post this entry (deleted twice by WordPress) I will ask you to turn your head to look. 😀


Monday was Babycakes’ real 6th birthday so I made pancakes for dinner, and I bought a GFDF cake from Clark’s. I’d have made one, but dang it was hot. 🙂

20150608_172035 20150608_203610

Um, have I mentioned it was hot? Had to get a fan for the boys’ room so they can cool down in the evening.


Looks like my book is just really rolling along. 😉


On Wednesday we were able to get to the farm and work for a bit. The kids helped feed the goats before we left. At first BC ran off, but when he saw it was actually fun, he came back. 🙂

I spent Thursday trying to get services in the morning, and in somewhat of a funk in the afternoon when I realized job training is not an option for me. If only I had a boyfriend to live with (sorry, inside joke. :D).


Friday the kids got to go the “The Rack” for the first time. I have no idea why it’s called that. I should probably ask. Anyway, it’s on the second Friday at the house of one of the pastors. He leads the Single and Parenting class…which is awesome, btw. Well, unless the Lisa Welchel series wins, then,well, I guess I’ll suck it up and go anyway. ;D


This month the kids played on the Wii. It was fun, so long as they weren’t fighting over it.


Spock taught the little kids how to use it. He has always wanted to be a teacher and I think he will be a great one some day. He has a good deal of patience…with people who are not related to him. lol.

I knew they had a great time when, on the way home, Spock asked if they could go next month. I said they could go until the Friday nights switched over after the next fifth Saturday came along. (It’s a custody/visitation thing.) They were all terribly disappointed to hear that in a few months they won’t be able to come.


The funniest thing about this is that Babycakes’ Marvel nickname is Thor. (His DC nickname is Roy.) This also sparked a discussion about Cap budging Mjolner at the beginning of Age of Ultron that you do not want to have with me if you aren’t a comic book fan. hehehe.


On Saturday we went to a friend’s birthday party. I was a bit worried because it was actually cold that morning. But it warmed up nicely, and the pool was heated.

20150613_125129 20150613_133335 20150613_175801

Afterwards, I took Farmer Boy down to, well, the farm, to work. To save gas I stayed and read. I’d have taken a pic but I was too busy enjoying the silent reading time. Got two and a half chapters read. 🙂 Then we came home and FB and BC crashed in the family room. Our Saturdays are exciting things. 🙂

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