Five Minute Friday: Fear

Rules: Write for five minutes, no editing, no fixing (so if you don’t like something I wrote…well, I might not either. lol), post, link up, visit others, leave a comment.



This is the single most loaded FMF prompt for me ever. When I consider writing on this word, my mind goes in a million different directions because there are potentially a million different fears. I think about fear a lot, about a lot of different fears. One thing I think about is good fear vs bad fear.

Yes, there is a “good” fear. I’ve only felt it a few times in my life. Each of those times was in a situation that would have probably ended my life and in fear I fled. On the surface they might not have appeared life-threatening. No one was waving a gun in my face, but something told me, when the man in his car who stopped to ask me for directions when I was eight, that something wasn’t right and I needed to get away from him as fast as I could. There have been only a handful of times I felt that fear in my life, not all of them as obviously dangerous when I look back at them. Each time I followed this fear and ran, it was for my good.

Most fear is bad, but sometimes, on rare occasions, it’s given to us for a reason.



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  1. I know the kind of fear you’re talking about…so glad you ran away from that car so long ago. Visiting you from Five-Minute Friday- hope you have a blessed weekend.

  2. ThasiaAwad says:

    Your absolutely right! That kind of fear is for self defense and we need it!
    Visiting you from Five-Minute Friday. Enjoy your weekend

  3. Coming back to you to say hello! Your neighbor at FMF. Thanks for coming by my place earlier today!! Along the same veins, eh? Of a good and a bad fear. You’re thoughts are great on this… enjoyed reading!!
    ~ Bevy

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