Not a whole lot happening this week picture-wise. The boys had to retire from ballet so we didn’t go a lot of places like we usually do.

2015 June 19 phone 093

Started the week off with a long morning at church, which will probably be our new normal. The kids don’t seem to mind…yet. Then we took Spock to a 7th grade swim party. Sadly, he was the only one who showed. Happily, he was the only one who showed. I’m sad for the leaders and planners, but, yay for me for actually remembering and getting him there with minimal drama. I’m usually the one who forgets. (Braniac was enamored with this door and wanted me to take his picture with it.)

2015 June 19 phone 102

Mr. Great-heart started a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fanfic. It’s actually pretty funny.

2015 June 19 phone 129

On Tuesday night my cousin messaged me to tell me that America’s Got Talent was on. This interested me because it was the episode they shot at Fairplex on Easter weekend after the kids finished rehearsing. The stunt we knew about…the busses crashing…was actually kind of a bummer. I couldn’t believe they advanced. It was pretty lame. On the other hand, the earlier acts, particularly the local motorcycle group Metal Mulisha (I’ve seen their bumper stickers around.) was really good. I guess they saved the worst for last. They probably knew I really just wanted to go to bed. 😀

2015 June 19 phone 152

Went to church on Wednesday. Here’s Mr. Great-heart prancing across the unwatered lawn. Still looks better than mine, though.

2015 June 19 phone 162

On Thursday I heard water dripping under the sink. This pipe had come loose…while the dishwasher was draining. That was fun. So I went down to Home Depot, bought a replacement, and, voila,

2015 June 19 phone 166

I fixed it. No offense to my guy friends but why exactly do women need men? ;P

2015 June 19 phone 167

Since I’m trying to save money on gas I’ve been going down to the farm with Farmer Boy in the afternoon instead of the morning. So that means I go each day, and the kids get to play each day.

20150620_103653 20150620_103701Went to McDonald’s for a treat this morning. I promptly spilled sweet tea all over Braniac and the table. 🙂 A lesson in showing my kids how to remain calm. 😀

This week, I found this post by Jennifer Janes a great encouragement. Probably won’t use the Bloom thing since it’s not free, but it might help some. The list, though, is spot on.

How was your week? Did you do anything interesting? Did you read anything interesting? Did you get a nap? I’m jealous if you did. 😉

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