Rennsday Randomness–6/23/15


Happy Rennsday.

Lots of Renner news this week.

First, Wizard World has him lined up for their ComiCon in Rosemont, wherever the heck that is. Washington? Wherever it is, I can’t get there. šŸ˜€

Also, Bourne 5 will NOT have JLR in it. I guess I’ll scratch that off my “must watch” list. šŸ™‚

Alright, that’s depressing. I’ll stop looking for more news.

Colton Dixon is pretty much my fave singer this days. His video for his song “Through All of It” (which is probably my theme song right now) is the best music video I’ve ever seen. It now tops “Take on Me” on my list. I know, those two are total opposites, eh?

I have two things I want to do, both are good things, one is better than the other but will take longer to get to, both require a whole ton of prayer, though the one far more than the other.

How’s that for vaguebooking? I had no idea what that word even meant until two days ago…which is why I wrote this…to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of new slang. šŸ˜€

tearsI should write a blog entry on this.

Went to the Social Security office today. An entirely pleasant experience if not for the fact they were so efficient I was only able to read two pages of my book. šŸ˜‰

The problem with the modern world is it moves so quickly that I have barely processed what a person has told me and everything has moved on, sometimes even the person.

Started cleaning up the trash in the backyard today. At first I was upset, then I realized it was a good thing he left it in such a mess, I can take out my aggression on the trash and weeds. šŸ™‚

Well, I had more to say, but I got busy with other things so I guess we’ll end it here with a word from Aldous Huxley, a writer I truly enjoy…but you already know I’m odd. šŸ™‚


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