2015 June 27 phone 012Started the week with a game of Rummikub after church. The boys went to their dad’s for Father’s Day for the rest of the day, and I watched Amazing Grace…twice. 🙂

2015 June 27 phone 024

A lot of time at the farm this week.

2015 June 27 phone 030

If you’re local you’ll know that this is one messed up GPS. This is really taking the long was to the freeway on ramp. No, I did not follow the directions. 😀

2015 June 27 phone 038

We received our first school shipment this week.

2015 June 27 phone 044

This is what happens when I let Braniac dress Babycakes. Keep in mind that it was around 95…at 4.

2015 June 27 phone 048

Playing in the water and picking up marbles with his toes, with his new friend who also has autism. It’s always interesting to watch two autistic kids play “together.”

2015 June 27 phone 051

Braniac wanted to try his new curriculum.

2015 June 27 phone 053

This is one of my fave views. Today’s was better, but I didn’t get a picture.

2015 June 27 phone 070

Here is a rare photo of that elusive creature known as Farmer Boy. 🙂

2015 June 27 phone 074

I have to say that seeing this on a leaf I had just thrown into the bucket with a handful of beans was not the best moment of the week. I’m just so thankful it didn’t bite me. Truly a blessing.


I had the kids go through all the pencils and pens to see what we really need to buy for school. They found some crayons that are for windows. This is what the back door looks like now. 🙂


We kind of ended the week the way we started. 🙂 We really do play more than this game, honest.

How was your week? No black widows involved, I hope.


OK, except that kind.

(Didn’t you see that coming?)

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