Thankful Thursday–7/2/15


Yesterday was a bad day. A lot came down on me all at once and for a while it was overwhelming. To be frank, life is just going to suck for a while. It doesn’t mean each day will be as bad as yesterday, it just means I shouldn’t be too surprised when it is.

I spent the day praying. I really needed to see something from God. Something that would remind me that, ultimately, things really were going to be OK.

I read the bible, I read some encouraging faith-based articles, I read a few articles on abuse to remind me that it’s normal to go through days like this. I went to the farm to work. I was still just pushing through, still looking for that word to come, that definite reminder that God was listening.

I got the kids to church and, though still looking, I realized the word might not come that day.

It was movie night for the elementary and I went in to watch with Braniac and Babycakes because my alternative was to sit in the van and scroll through Pinterest for two hours. (I’ve quit tumblr…permantently. I swear.) As much as I enjoy Veggie Tales I really didn’t want to watch it. My head kind of hurt (hence Pinterest instead of reading) and watching a movie in a dark room just makes that worse. But, like I said, the alternative.. 😀

It was the new VT, Noah’s Ark. It was OK. It’s definitely not my favorite ever, but I might buy it when I have some money, if, for no other reason than these words, “7 Days Later.”

I always forget that part of Noah’s story. They all entered the ark…and seven days later the rain started. They sat in the ark, in the middle of a land that had never seen rain amidst a people who had no idea what a flood was. The ark was ready to go, the animals were ready to go, Noah and his family were ready to go.

7 Days Later…

I am a person of action. If something needs to be done, I want to get it done. Where there is a problem, there is a solution and when I find that solution I want to take care of it, Right. Now. I was always this way, though it was subverted under the abuse. (This applies to all areas of life except housekeeping…seriously, that is a mass of ugly I don’t even want to think about.)

I can’t even begin to imagine sitting inside that Ark, after all the years it took to build, waiting seven days. I’d be bouncing off the walls. I’d probably be like Shem in the Veggie Tales version. See I get this idea of what I’m supposed to do, and I take off. And somewhere back there God is watching me run ahead, shaking His head, because I just skipped a whole truckload of steps He planned, the steps that will make the plan actually work. It’s one of those Karate Kid moments (the original, please), where Pat Morita is teaching Ralph Macchio only he can’t see it at all, he just sees all this work he’s doing, all this waiting, but he just wants to get to the “training” park, mostly so he can kick some butt. 😀

I just want to get on with life, already. All this legal stuff and having to deal with that and my ex’s continued abuse, all the while realizing he will continue the abuse for the rest of his life (seriously, I know a man who abused his kids until his death when he was in his 90s…abusers never quit).

But Veggie Tales reminded me of the way God works…essentially on His own schedule. He could have built the ark for Noah, I mean, He’s God, He made the whole earth, an ark really is nothing in comparison. And He could have had the rain start the moment everyone was in the ark, He didn’t have to wait seven days. But He did, and we never know why. We can guess forever, but we aren’t even given as much insight into the why of the wait as we are into the why of what happened to Job. He just did, and Noah just trusted.

Thankfully, God teaches us this, usually more gently than we expected.


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