(A day late, but I was busy watching fireworks last night.)

Starting off with a little from last week. I forgot to add at the end of my post that I replaced the toilet seat in the back bathroom. this is a nice one that doesn’t fall back down. I highly recommend it for anyone who has boys in their family. πŸ˜€

2015 July 03 phone 008However, it was a pain to replace. The old one didn’t really want to come off even though it was hanging on only one bolt. Then, even worse, there were three directions for installation of the new seat and nothing to really indicate which one I was supposed to use.

2015 July 03 phone 009I did finally get it done. I don’t look forward to the next one, but since it’s not falling off it will be a while before I replace it. πŸ˜€

On Sunday, Spock sang for the last time with the children’s choir. He’d in junior high now so I guess he’s not a kid anymore. (Video on my Facebook.)

2015 July 03 phone 016After lunch we played some games.

2015 July 03 phone 017Watched Turn Around Jake and painted our nails.

2015 July 03 phone 022Melted (it was humid on top of this temp).

2015 July 03 phone 023Read.

2015 July 03 phone 024Yeah, this is my kind of book.2015 July 03 phone 025 Watched the sun set. (The phone never does the colors justice.)

2015 July 03 phone 036Decided this week to retake a personality test. I figured since my spiritual gifts test had changed so dramatically that this might have changed a little. It’s pretty much what I thought, though. I’ve replaced the “I” for introvert with “E” for extrovert. I always got introvert because I couldn’t stand to be around people, but that was just because I had to hide everything and put up a front. Yeah, that’s exhausting…anyway, this was a perfect match. Oh, the “A” stands for aggressive, which is how I end up being a “campaigner.” That’s one I never had before either. Interesting how leaving an abusive relationship changes you.

2015 July 03 phone 064Watched Veggie Tales Noah’s Ark on Wednesday. But I already wrote about that.

2015 July 03 phone 074Spock and I had a lot of time on our hands on Thursday waiting for the van so he invented two games. πŸ™‚2015 July 03 phone 0762015 July 03 phone 078On Friday we went to the farm (after cleaning house and doing laundry all morning). Braniac found this plank useful.2015 July 03 phone 082Later, Babycakes taught his Bionicle to play the piano. πŸ˜€

Saturday was, of course, Independence Day. The kids went with their dad this year and I went to the house of the pastor who leads the Single & Parenting class. Lots of good food, and lots of adults to talk to. πŸ˜€

How was your ID? Home fireworks or did you go to a show? Or, if you are not in the US, do you prefer home fireworks or a show?

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