Game of Skittles

We played an interesting game at family therapy the other night. It involved Skittles, which makes it possibly the best game ever. 🙂

Each color correlates to a question. (Click photo below to enlarge and see questions.) You can probably make any questions you want. Then you give each person 15 random Skittles.


Once you have all your Skittles, and the kids all understand that they are not supposed to eat them yet, you start with one person who has the top color. They have to give as many answers to that question as they have that color of Skittle.

For example, the first color in this case is green. If the person has three green Skittles they have to say three things that describe themselves. It can be as many words, it doesn’t have to be just one word. The next color is purple so if you have purple like Mr. Great-heart (below) you have to say five ways to have fun.

Continue around the table until each color is finished before proceeding to the next color. If a person doesn’t have that color, they are skipped.


You can eat the Skittles as you finish each question, or you can make fabulous works of art like my kids did. 🙂

It’s pretty simple and even Babycakes enjoyed this game and made attempts to answer questions.

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